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"Delicately and delectably written, the show unfolds as a docile doo-wop deception, interweaving toe-tapping tunes with heart-breaking realism."
-Natalie Rine, Broadway DNA

" far the most fun I’d had watching a play all year."
-Rebecca Russavage, Stage Buddy

"Quite significant at this time in American history."
-Michael Dale, Broadway World

"Shows great promise at becoming a hit on Broadway."
Andrew Andrews, Opplaud

2018 Tank Workshop Trailer

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Between the aggressive teenage prophet in the cafeteria, the Catholic nun obsessed with a carrot patch, and the wacky grandma who won't stay dead, Vanessa Rosales has a lot to deal with. Being the lone rational atheist at Saint Angela's School for Girls doesn't make matters easier. When the aforementioned prophet declares that Vanessa will be the next Virgin Mary, Vanessa considers the whole thing an elaborate form of bullying. Now, if only the impossible would stop happening....


The Inconvenient Miracle is the story of one teenage girl's personal choice when faced with an impossible circumstance. It is a celebration of her individual personhood, an affirmation of the dignity of women, and a call for mutual love and support. In light of the recent Dobbs decision, we believe this message is more vital than ever. 

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