The Inconvenient Miracle

A Mysterious Birth Musical

Book and Story by Emily Claire Schmitt

Music by Emily Rose Simons

Created by Emily Claire Schmitt and Ria T. DiLullo


Vanessa, the only atheist at Saint Angela’s School for Girls, is simply minding her own business when the strange girl who claims to be a mystic declares her the next Virgin Mary.  After punching said mystic in the face, an act of self-defense obviously, she lands herself in weekly detention with Sister Florence, the last remaining nun on campus. Florence, who is experiencing a crisis of faith related to a dying carrot patch, is more than a little shocked when Vanessa turns out to be, in fact, pregnant. Vanessa, though, has no intention of being anyone’s miracle.


Both Vanessa and Florence get more than they bargain for as miraculous events begin popping up at highly inconvenient times. Vanessa must navigate potentially being the Mother of God while also maintaining her own agency and individuality. The Inconvenient Miracle is a provocative yet playful comedy that imagines what it would be like if someone else's religion happened to you.   

Meet The Creators

Emily Rose Simons

Music & Lyrics

Ria T. DiLullo