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Developmental History

"Life can get complicated. Faith and devotion, like going to Crossfit four times a week or attending church every Sunday, simplifies the uncertainty of our existence, if only for a little bit. Some people never ask themselves the hard questions about the things and activities they’ve been doing for so long out of either habit or an inherent fear of change (and, thus, of progress and self-improvement). But Ms. Schmitt and Ms. Simon’s writing is not simplistic; their symbiotic willingness to be forthright and face complexity urges not just the characters to reexamine their relationships to religion (whether they buy into it or are entirely opposed to such organized institutions), but also allows and encourages the audience members to challenge their own perceptions of faith"

- Zennie Trieu for The 730 Review (2018 Workshop, The Skeleton Rep/The Tank NYC)


Summer 2022 Showcase Presentation at The Episopal Actors' Guild Hall 
Winner of EAG's Open Stage Grant

2021 Developmental Workshop at the University Centre Weston, UK
Directed by Grace Taylor (Associate Director, SIX The Musical, London)

2018 Beam Show Showcase - Shining a Light on New British Musical Theater


2018 New York New Works Festival (Condensed Version)











2018 Developmental Workshop and Staged Reading
Presented by The Skeleton Rep(resents) at The Tank NYC

2017 "Whatchamacallit" is adapted into the Musical The Inconvenient Miracle: A Mysterious Birth Musical"


Whatchamacallit: A Play About Jesus 
Spring 2016 Production by The Skeleton Rep(resents) at The Secret Theater NYC



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