Emily Claire Schmitt

Emily Claire Schmitt received her MFA in Playwriting from The New School for Drama and her BA in Theater and Philosophy from Saint Mary’s College. She is also an alumni of the CRY HAVOC Company apprenticeship program. Emily claimed her first mystical experience at age seven, when she reporting seeing her recently-deceased great-grandmother having coffee in a rocking chair. Since then, she has continued exploring the art of story-telling (and the mystical) as a playwright. Her plays include San Luis, 1989 (2012 Best Play Award, ACTF Region III), Under Further Review (2015 Princess Grace Finalist) and The Chalice (2017 production starring Tony-Nominee Austin Pendleton.)



Artistic Statement


I was seven years old when I first claimed to have a mystical experience.  I calmly informed my parents over breakfast cereal that my recently deceased Grandma Ding had appeared in my bedroom and passed the night in my rocking chair.  My parents, devout Catholics, did not doubt the vision and encouraged me to let them know if Grandma had any messages for them.  Yes, I would later confess to making the entire thing up, but not after thoroughly convincing everyone around me, including myself, that it was real.


I believe in magic in every day life.  But I also believe magic must be sought, be it through spirituality, or art, or nature.  If we do not seek it out, if we do not attempt to create it, it will be lost admist the text messages and the rush hour traffic.  My hope for my plays is that they might reconnect those that experience them with that deep, primal, mysticism that is so missing from our modern lives.